Improving iOS for Senior Eyes

I know, I know. I had the same reaction to iOS 7. “What were they thinking. I can barely see this.”

iOS 7  …I have been waiting on it, refusing to try the beta, and accepted only the “golden master.’ I run a tech support business, and I had to be ready when my clients begin calling with new questions.

So yesterday, I began the upgrade to my iPhone shortly after it became available in my time zone. Everyone appeared to be doing the same, so it took several tries to download. The installation routine was long but uneventful. The setup routine covered the important things and had me back online with no hitches. Then I began exploring.

Usage was different, but I began getting the hang of things as I used my iPhone.
But my brain, not my eyes, was rebelling. The small typeface… the low contrast… I could adjust, but I know lots of my clients would not going to like this.

{Actually, I was thinking “What were they thinking! Doesn’t Jonny Ives know not everyone is as young (or as handsome) as he is!?}

Once I got over myself, I fell back on my mantra, “It can’t be that hard, I am making it hard.” The follow on question becomes, “What would be the obvious way a non computer user would fix this?”

Once again, Apple did think things through. You do have options. 😉

Improving the visual presentation of iOS:

  1. Go to your Setting/General/Accessibility.
  2. Turn on “Large Type.”
  3. Turn on “Increase Contrast.”
  4. Turn on “Bold Text.” (This one will reboot your iPhone.”)

iOS Visual ImprovementCropped

Much like the two xeno-theologians in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, who were afraid super computer Deep Thought would end their jobs by readily providing the all the answers to “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.” I find my first reaction of disgust is the time to step back and look for the obvious simple answer.

Apple didn’t hang you out to dry.

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