Installed iOS 7 on my iPad now it sluggish and double typing.

So I downloaded iOS 7 onto my iPad and my iPhone last week or two weeks ago.  It seems to work fine on my phone, but my iPad is not quite right.  I think actually it may just be when I try to do e-mail and Safari it’s sort of jerky and the little circle that goes around when it’s updating is slow slow slow.
I have seen this behavior on my iPad v3 with iOS 7, especially when using a Bluetooth keyboard. The solution that works for me was to turn off “Background App Refresh.” I think the intent of this new setting is to have background apps update data ready before it is moved to the front. The unfortunate effect is apps you are not using are delaying the response of apps that you are using. So turning off Background App Refresh improves responsiveness. Considering that every app updates when you bring it to the front I would simply turn off the background refreshing slider.
Turn of Background App Refresh
  1. Open Settings, select the General setting.
  2. Scroll down to “Background App Refresh,” and select it.
  3. You can turn off all background updating by sliding the mail activation slider to off. Alternatively you can selectively disable specific apps.

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