Macdaddy of Seattle provides expert technical support for your Apple products, and is dedicated to assisting you getting the most out of them.

Today, reaching your goals often requires working with new devices and services that are outside you expertise. Let’s face it. We purchase our iPhone, Mac or iPad, because they fit into the way we like to use technology. But nothing is prefect. Sometime the simplest thing fails, frustrates and disappoints us. While Apple provides excellent service in their stores and by phone, sometime you just want someone to come to you and simply “fix it.” That is what I do.

Hire me today and and let me help you master your tasks.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clark
Any sufficiently frustrating technology is indistinguishable from black magic. — R. Jeffries

For immediate relief from frustration. Call 206-931-6467

BTW: I speak geek, but prefer english.